♠ Some might argue that the modern gentleman is a plane ticket away from the original gentleman (early gentleman), i agree to certain degree that even though the original gentleman’s code still exists , it has definitely gone under knife which i think as time went by was inevitable. An example of an item that evolved in the gentleman’s wardrobe is the device he carries his belongs in, his bag. If you asked the early gentleman to list the things he would take with him if he was to  walk out the door , i don’t think you would be  surprised if he doesn’t list  his blackberry (or iphone : for ma iphone family) , his media player , his laptop or new issues of favourite publications. So its easy to say that when it comes to the bag content of  the modern age gentleman it  has evolved with a much tangible point relating to utility than just style or trend . ♠The bag has always been with the gentleman, but it was originally confined to work and travel purposes which made variety not too encouraging . Not to take away anything from the blue collar’s favourite satchel , briefcase  the classic doctors bag  but these devices had limited use as compared to today’s gentleman who needs more than just the documents he is taking home and his newspapers .♠ The bag has always been with the gentleman, but it was originally confined to work and travel purposes which made variety not too encouraging . Not to take away anything from the blue collar’s favourite satchel , briefcase or  the classic doctors bag  but these devices had limited use as compared to today’s gentleman who needs more than just the documents he is taking home and his newspapers . Today it seems it is as important for the modern man to keep a tight lid on his mobile needs through the medium of a bag, as the opposite sex  has been doing since eve didn’t make anything out of the apple she plucked.This sudden essence of the man’s bag has had a certain adamantium resistance from certain cultures of men who still think this so called ‘’man bag’’ is not  in the corner of ‘’ masculinity’’….this perspective has obviously been calculated from the notion that only a woman carries her bedroom in her bag…the activities that have been check listed in the 24hr day period in a typical man’s life  has changed over time. Men are now carrying their satchel and briefcases not only to work but on weekends too because it has become a cool way to carry your weekend essentials through the day..The essence here borders on utility.♠ This factor has obviously been blurred by the evil hand of fashion. I personally use to frown on the rucksack till i had a use for one..its the perfect travel item.  You can easily assume that the society in which the gentleman finds himself has changed, and so will his needs and wants which will inevitably stroll down to little things like his preference of style. The recent man bag craze in terms of fashion has blurred the the essence of man’s new best friend . Why? Fashion houses have no doubt taken advantage of the new found essence of the “bag” in the modern man’s life , even though its no fault of theirs which can be attributed to a perfect  medium where style is conveyed.  its craze has somehow to blurr the utility pressure on the role of the “bag” in today’s man’s life.this reason constitutes why some men finding it easy  to identify this new craze with  female traits and just fashion phase . To elaborate more on the pressure of utility  ,let’s take  the situation where the  modern gentleman  no longer needs a satchel for his documents but also room for his laptop as compared to the early gentleman who’s type writer or computer wasn’t mobile . A trend will always gets some individuals in the middle  caught up with confusion as to what’s appropriate and what’s not .For all you newbies looking to upgrade your mobile carriers i am going to try and map out the appropriate items and its assigned utility..but keep in mind you are not supposed to stick to this rule like your pastor handed it to you…….there is nothing like doing the right thing whiles looking good, so i am take you to school so you don’t get caught in the middle

First item we going to tackle is the briefcase. The briefcase has been the favorite of the working man since its creation, and it even owes its name to the working class.The briefcase has been the virgin bag in the gentleman’s wardrobe apart from travel bags . Most men’s bag experience starts and ends with a briefcase. The briefcase has been existence for as long as society structured work hours from nine to five.. Lawyers commonly used briefcases to carry briefs to present to  court, hence the name. working world has identified with the briefcase with their use for it,  Businesspeople and other professionals  use briefcases to for this same purpose of carrying valuable pertaining to their work …this has been the work of the briefcase since its creation. A briefcase is a narrow box-shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying papers and other documents and equipped with a handle .Godillot of Paris was the first to use a hinged iron frame on a carpet bag, in 1826. There then followed the Gladstone bag and the Rosebery, an oval-top bag. Eventually these became the modern metal-framed briefcase. The first of what is known as the modern rectangular briefcase is said to have been invented by Jeremy Stenning in the late 1850s. Briefcases are descendants of the limp satchel used in the fourteenth century for carrying money and valuables. It was called a “budget”, derived from the Latin word “bulga” or Irish word “bolg”, both meaning leather bag, and also the source of the financial term “budget.

A lot of people believed the hardcase briefcase would never come back..well there is line of incredibly stylish people to prove them wrong. The metal and hard case briefcase indeed has a nostalgic feel to it , but it doesn’t stop from exuding that traditional chic that it has always evoked. A few brands out there such as Axel Foli and Bally have produced some beautiful pieces which caters to both formal and casual purposes . A few brands have taken their own twist on the hard case briefcase since it waved its head out of the waters of time and I don’t see anyone protesting against it.

We’ve seen a casual trend in recent history, which has carried through to the briefcase. Soft leather, often with shoulder straps has replaced traditional hard rectangular cases. The soft leather cases are more conductive to packing and expanding (you can cram more into them) plus they project a friendlier image which makes them suitable for casual purposes.

They are my personal favorite because i can ram a thousand things in them from clothes to laptops to documents, hell they even play gym bag at times. It’s a perfect choice if you want something to switch from casual to formal . Most people don’t identify with the soft leather briefcases they are still stuck on metal case versions and anything have a backward perspective that anything in soft leather with a handle should belong to the opposite sex, this is not so as the briefcase still maintains its masculinity with its square shape which is rooted in the original briefcase.
Rec: the briefcase has been restricted to formal use and I can’t argue out its perfect suitability in the formal environment,but like everything under this earth it has evolved and has become a much more friendly item with the introduction of its soft leather versions .

Recently labels like axel foli have taken the hardcase briefcase into a refreshing casual direction. These beautiful handcrafted pieces spot a bright color way which makes them perfect to fit any casual get up. Try a chic soft leather briefcase for that traditional and chic effect for your office and a friendly partner on the weekends.

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    I love this blog…I’ve secretly lived here for months. Hope Allan doesn’t find out.

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