Its been a long time/shouldnt have left yall with nothing to get fresh 2 (singing ).Sorry guys it has been crazy for me in these last two weeks ,but dont worry i am not planning on making y’all miss anything …just to keep yall up i had to go in on another adventure series..i added a couple random shots so you guys no what i have been up to… Today is your lucky day , youget to  know what clark kent gets up to  when his cape doesn’t get back early from the laundry mat …fresh threads do the tricks like cats doing kart wheels . Looking predictable is what I try to avoid, so wewould rather opt to break the rules like a gentleman should, with elegance. This toute ensemble is made up of ma fav items in ma wardrobe.

I love denim shirts, and this Kenneth cole denim shirt is my go to piece (it even looks better when you pull it out under a pile of clothes). I got it on sale and I must say the cut and fit makes it a steal. I added a thrifted pocket square to lower the predictability rate. I think they sqaure off nice with my Good wood piece (yes I can’t leave the house without them…#admitted). Okay i am going to go AHEAD AND EXPLAIN MY OBESSESSION WITH THESE BABIES. If you are familiar with the Indiana Jones motion picture series then you won’t be lost on the instalment of the series that was based on the water of life, This instalment (pardon me but i forgot the title on this one) had a part that Indiana Jones (Harrison ford) was tasked to point out the cup that Jesus used to drink from the water of life…..Amongst the cups made from precious metals and skill, Jesus according to the movie used the wooden cup. That right there symbolized humility at its peak for me and that is what these babies represent for me …humility.

I have been planning to do a post on my new found love for beads. I got these beads from the luxury footwear label; heel the world, as part of their charity project. I am planning on upgrading my collection of beads but I am not looking to do an average upgrade so I started scoping out some talented hands .wish me luck  

Ma fav feet candy at the moment #period. I got these espadrilles from next.co.uk , no they are not toms . I noticed people have gone on to name every espadrille() they see as toms (educate yourself). These girls are as comfortable as hell. Since I played with neutral and dark colors I thought it would NOT hurt to add a little pop of color.  

Bubu : one of favorite people happened to be in town for the  weekend and i couldn’t have been more than happy . I’m always excited to see bubu because she always has something under that stylish sleeve of hers .  Bubu is brilliant brain behindTHE CHIC streetwear brand  iamisigo, you should be familiar with that name if you are an avid reader of the blog …bubu never fails when it comes to the music of her clothes….she   is killing me with her signature  head wrap and high waist polkodot shorts (classic ).

Let the paper boys know I’m coming to town  Peek-a-boo! 

 hang tight  my crazy co-pilot ! @Yazmeanie 

 STOP whatever you are doing right now and pay attention ….let me introduce you to My new assistant

…she doesn’t play around 

 Nowplaying @Showdemcamp what you waiting for (this was the  official weekend song : on repeat till the fuel runs out)



  1. NiiNii 🙂 i love this post, i love ur feet candy and i love ur lil new assistant! 🙂
    i see u’re on a bike as well, we going on a bike trip when i come home!!! smooches***

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