FWST: style 101

Stlye…..When asked to define it the first thing that comes to my mind is that style is one’s individual take on fashion and beyond, which allows him/her to express themselves in a way that reflect their true self. It’s that simple, no song and dance, no magical rhetorical soliloquy that transforms the uncool to cool, nor any one size fits all that
guarantees a super stylish easy fix. Now ask me if all styles are cool, work and deserve mention – I’ll tell you that’s a whole other conversation, but I will hint that styles that move me are those that cater to both the spirit and soul to some extent.

Having said that let me focus on the photo at hand. Multiple chaps, pretty much the same
canvas – pants and slippers, but what is golden is their individual brush strokes, each ones different interpretation and take. Each person chooses a different color and rolls his pants leg up a little differently which in some way makes you wonder why that way and not one of the other ways?Ultimately the person looking gets a different taste of style via similar fashion.I must confess that the beauty of style is not limited to what the designer intended or what’s seen on the catwalks, instead the beauty and poetry is reflected in the creativity of the individual that masters it. While fashion focuses on trends, style is ultimately what you do with what you have it’s about your interpretation and improvisation. Great style is dressing the very unique individual that you are more so than the body that owns you.

By Guerre


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