So after going through tommy ton’s street style for GQ I have concluded that I was born on the wrong land . FLORENCE! i feel like my family moved there and left me here. I decided to share my family photos with you all ,and since I haven’t done a style forecast in a hot minute ,I thought this would be the perfect medium to. Lets go!

I think the men in Florence were born in suits! Where else on earth do men look so graceful and relaxed in suits?!…cant find the jealous smiley to insert here..kindly bare with me 

Cool wasn’t built in a day but some people make it seem so…this right here is something a lot of people usually get wrong and this gentleman got it right and then some . Most often the pocket square and the brooch combo makes an outfit look very busy especially when a tie is thrown in there , but this bloke just broke that stigma with an applause….the rolled up sleeves gives his look a casual touch , and my favorite small face watch always makes the suit look a bit more classyEffortless…..i love this ensemble to not serious yet so classy and relaxed. I love it when a look is unpredictable and this look does it for me ,I love the sneaker and socks  combo , very genius.Hands down one of the most beautiful bags I have seen this year!…… I think the busiest man in florence is the tailor….in a world where men don’t know how to wear clothes that fit , Florence is not on the mapThe tailor never sleeps….I almost fell over when I saw this genius idea…utility pockets on suits!…above cool..insanely genius ‘’real men are not afraid of color’’_ . you gotta love how these men play with color even when it comes to their suits..very inspiring …and it doesn’t end there , the grace and flair is deserves a documentary Pretty lady….I love it when someone makes me fall in love with something I never liked in the first place..i think I am falling in love with rucksacks , but the thing is I cant even picture myself in any situation where I would need one…I prefer a briefcase or tote bag to a rucksack but these Italian men know how to hook you on to anything .If anyone knows the place and time for a pocket square it will definitely be the bloke from Florence. These men are not playing with my favorite accessory…..i seriously feel like I am going through family photos lol If the look doesn’t kill you, the details will……l I will gladly shoot this gentleman  for that hermes belt lol…i love the way different colors come together to form a beautiful toute ensemble ..look carefullyAre these not some serious pretty girls….anyone who appreciates the makings of a proper hand crafted shoes should be sporting a blank in awe facila expression right about…now!…if you don’t love the tassle detail on the laces kindly run into a cactus tree and ask it whats wrong with your taste..kidding When was the last time your girlfriend matched her outfit with her bag and made it look more impressive than this..this looks well thought out but you cant deny it surprisingly doesn’t come off as tacky to me..geniusI was glad to see this because this is something I have been sporting these days. A lot of people have the view that suits should not be accessorized with wrist wear, especially in a very formal situation like work, BUT I don’t tend to that rule. I don’t go overboard with mine but you will always catch me with one HTW empowerment beads on at work…it personally symbolizes something more than just a bracelet to me I don’t mind the criticism that comes with you

x daily (All photos courtesy of tommy ton)



  1. j’adore this post!!! the brown bag is the yummiest hand candy i’ve seen in a while!!! i love, and the rucksacks are hot as well!!!! this post has so much eye candy that i read it all in one breath …. *exhale* 🙂

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