Its not news if you’ve been an avid reader of the blog to know that I am fool for women in shorts . I still don’t get the train of effects I EXPERIENCE when my eyes register the opposite sex in shorts . Its been some odd years since I saw the image of janet jackson in high waist shorts in poetic justice , but I’m glad to say the effect has been timeless with no signs of medication in sight . I love the tailored shorts ,boy shorts and any other form they come in (yes that bad) , but I think we can without regret or second giessing blame janet jackson for my pure joy with high waist. I don’t know when this trend came back but all I can say is amen(say it twice) . A pair of shorts always give off that free spirit tone cos its so laid back and spells out casual in every language . I love the way women don’t keep  certain style boxed up, its like they take the “how many things can you do with rice?” route  too seriously and I love it ! .

♣  The recent presence of the high waist shorts has been evrywhere from the streets to the runways ,  and this has in my opinion taken away the old  image of the high waist (either you see urs on a a group of pretty girls in the 6o’s or you see flashes of r kelly and women in high waist shorts causing traffic) . My personal favorite is the high waist and blazer combo..aside the images that I post here which I usually encourage people not to be shelled by , feel free to explore with your pieces…I always stress that real trends start from the little room in the last house on the street . I have seen the high waist shorts being done in so many different inspiring . I personally love the couplingwith the stockings and leggings , which I think is perfect for whoever is not comfy showing too much SKIN  and it gives it a dark and classy burlesque effect .   

  The high waist short’s  according to style history , popularity  started around the 1940s when women began working outside the home due to the war and didn’t find it convenient to wear skirts to work. The 40’s woman  thought the  average pants weren’t  modest enough, showed off too much skin, think about how ur skin is exposed when u bend over in low waist pants. The renowned American  jeans company Levis,  came on board and  invented the high waist jeans  to solve the problem , but the high waist trend didn’t land f on both legs  till the 50’s.the 50s came with  jeans, pants, and shorts  as a  fashion statement for women  and  so the high waist craze  begun . The Fad fickled,  but later to return in the eighties and through the urban scene in the nineties.

The flat tire the hw had on the road earlier was that it was  make women   appear thicker in the buttocks region and the waist which were rather unflattering as exemplified by Mischa Barton, who I think would be happily lynched by the men of today…I  think anything that compliments the buttocks area should be put in a museum . HW shorts are perfect for those who   are heavier on the bottom as they highlight that area of the body. They are perfect for any body type because they cling to your hips and fall naturally on your waist.

Its a must-have pair of hot shorts for any woman to own. There are many benefits to wearing high waist shorts, and the fact that they will also draw attention to your bust and waist by shortening your torso and making your legs appear longer is just one. They are ideal for women of any body shape but if you have an hourglass, apple or banana figure you will look drop dead gorgeous in these. Accentuating your body is the key to looking good in any pair of shorts.

When it comes to  high-waist designs it’s important  to let every little detail show , its baseless to hide the full view of this magnificent piece because then it takes away its effect . high-waist pants work best with ruffled  tops and when wearing layers only use open   blazers or cardigans. Pairing them with heels  or flats can turn from casual to night crawler mode in a blink .as these can accentuate the appearance of the legs and make them appear long. If this is not desirable then opt for flats.

They are perfect for any body type because they cling to your hips and fall naturally on your waist. Its a must-have pair of hot shorts for any woman to own.  i hope i inspired you on your own journey of style, its always good to get inspired but very important that you do you.   x daily (history courtesy of wikipedia)


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