The code of the gentleman says  ‘’ only  gentlemen  understand  gentlemn’’. No amount  of words can describe the feeling a gentleman experiences  when he is made one with something that was constructed by another through the medium of a garment. In the early age of the gentleman , the gentleman was said to be more at peace with himself in the presence of his tailor than he would be if he had  no worries and pint of beer  to wash down the jokes of his fellow town folk.  A  gentleman always makes space for the man who wakes up to tailor his needs, and one label stands to to make that space worth it for the new age gentleman….LEAGUE OF REBELS . League of Rebels is a growing international brand based on an idea of bringing a modern attitude to an original suit design. The brand is  known for its  strong attention to detail and an uncompromising quality using  only premium fabrics .LEAGUE of REBELS is on journey  to conquer the hearts of men  by bringing an exclusive look and nothing less than a statement  made with every suit   . Intrigued by this brands 

When the creative pen at LOR touches the pad who does brand  have in mind ?

LOR Man. A confident and accomplished individual who takes pride in his personal style. One who knows what he wants and is not afraid to take risks or express his personal style, while standing out of the crowd. One who does not blindly follow fashion trends, instead – he sets his trend.

What sets LOR apart from every establishment looking to satisfy every man’s retail dreams

At LOR we pay extreme attention to details and never compromise quality, thereby creating higher standards for our products. We use only premium fabrics for everything ‘League of Rebels’ and provide the LOR man with an edge to express his individual style by manufacturing limited items as the majority of our pieces are not mass produced. At League of Rebels, we manufacture statement pieces that would stand the test of time, both in quality and in respect to fashion.  

There seems to be a rise in demand for bespoke products as to made to measure, because customers feel there is more attention to their peculiar needs. Where does LOR stand as far as the different needs of its customers? 

1.        LOR satisfies the craving for bespoke suits with a blend of mechanical processes and professional hand tailoring for key details of our suits and jackets, thereby giving the bespoke feel at an economical price. One major characteristic that distinguishes LOR from its competitors is the exceptional fit of the suits and jackets. Through extensive research, League of Rebels created its unique personal size chart based on proper features of the male body. Thus, the slim fit of each suit will not require any additional tailoring or adjustments. If there comes a case where by a customer might however need a piece altered, we do offer such services at no additional cost to the customer.

 FWST What  words would  the  LOR brand  wish to be attached to ?

LOR Words that come to mind whenever we think of League of Rebels would be in the lines of Classic, unconventional and Rebel of course. We’ve got a passion for just about everything classic, yet we love to blend our style to it and sort of translate classics into current times and culture, bringing about a sort of hybrid between classic and modern. We seek to create our own culture with a rebellious tone, though in a subtle, rather than over-stated manner

FWST  How exciting is the road up ahead for LOR and its customers

The road ahead for LOR can only get more exciting as it comes. We are ecstatic about LOR’s future in terms of brand expansion across America, Africa and Europe, and also the expansion of our product line. LOR is only still a startup label currently, so we’ve got a big plain canvas with lots of room to paint and we’ve got a clear, long term plan drawn out. In the next couple years we intend to create brand awareness and claim our place in the fashion industry, after which we expect to expand our product line from being primarily Suits and Jackets. Our customers can expect Shirting’s, Accessories and Tee’s in the near future.

FWST   since LOR came into existence what has been the biggest challenge thus Far ?  Basically everything has been a challenge thus far, from fabric design to production, marketing to the business end of the label, which has also served as an interesting learning process.  We would however consider our size chart research the biggest challenge we’ve faced so far. It’s all too common for Men to purchase a jacket and have at least some adjustment needed to get just about that perfect fit. We’ve always wanted the perfect fit for ourselves and wanted this to be a statement for the label. To say the very least, it wasn’t at all easy but after many months of measurements and adjustments, trial and errors, and burning through thousands of dollars while at it. We finally got the fit. It’s been a wonderful process overall.

FWST Has LOR got an online store?     We do have fully functional online stores. Our flagship store which is on our website ‘’ and we’ve also got a store on Big Cartel – ‘’.

FWST How challenging is it to connect to customers via online as compared to a store walk in ?Connecting to customers online is much more difficult and complicated than we initially expected.  One basically has to get the site in front of potential customers, as opposed to shoppers walking by in a mall and dropping in. Connecting online pretty much builds with time and we’ve seen that steadily grow, which is great for the label. CHECK OUT THIS SPACE FOR THEIR SOON TO COME COLLECTION .


SHOP League of rebels HERE


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  1. Masi Tontsi

    The suits are AMAZING, I love the coulours and cut, to me they are the perfect example of an Ubarn-Vintage office look. They really are for people like me who don’t believe in looking like the guy sitting next to you who happens to look like a guy sitting next to him. Another thing that I like is the unique way of ROCKING them and that you guys show us perfectly in the above pictures. I hope this brand is available in South Africa too I would really love to Rock It!!!

  2. Hats off to the brand. Love the green plaid blazer. It’s love at the first sight .glad to see young people chasing their dreams. Best wishes to them.

  3. Keith

    Love the collection.Especially the boots in the second picture.Very impressive

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