Yes its another post on the adventures of the off duty stylist and Clarine (my camera CANONEOS500D) ! this time we got the chance to hit up the ,Michael  Essien’s (Ghanaian midfielder for the English premier league club of   Chelsea) charity  night out . The night was to kick off and jump start the  footballers charity game that was going to be held among other activities during the weekend  …I am not a footie person but wherever beautiful people and champagne glasses go me and Clarine have a thing to pop up there. Feel free to point out any familiar football faces because I am not fitting to recognize them even if they had name tags on them.


This is my security crew. They look sweet till you start shoe lace tripping . You will hardly find me anywhere without my sisters by my side their invisible security tags .


My favorite  gentlemen in the room.  It’s always a pleasure walking into these gentlemen, they never seem to disappoint . Dressing fancy is easy , dressing appropriately for an event  is the event itself . 

                                                                    ♣                                                               ♣

Definitely My favorite sport of the night . I was attracted to the laid back chic look on this kitten and she was more thasn excited to pose for the flash light .


Run into this dandy gentleman by the bar , and I had to document his splendid fusion of color. I have been running into this bloke  recently and I was happen to be without my camera so I was more than eager to engage the shutter button.



One half of the security team (Miss Ghana 2010) spotted with Michael Essien, the man behind the charity event                                                                     ♣

my security team does not  encourage the taking of prisoners . Me and my sister just experienced a telepathic love for beads. Bet your money that you will find her without them and you’ll lose.

                                                                     Security team’s no prisoners policy in play…

                                                                       Mean shoe game…..



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