In our time remembering the shoe your date wore on your last rendezvous will receive a standing ovation from the ladies tea part club and a blank stare from the men’s club. I grew up in a house of four five girls (including my mum) and two men, and I had two clear tasks to do, and as long as I performed these tasks I was out in vacation land where I had food been sent to my room and girl advice didn’t come with an extra charge…this contract was engraved in stone so deep you would think an insurance company had their hands and feet in it.


this post i am only going to highlight one of the jobs  that the curvy pillars of the house enslaved me to .my job  wasn’t a three page math problem but it was tricky as hell, my job was simply provide my sisters with view of the man when it it came to their shoes and outfits (covers face). I honestly struggled with this task until i started getting threatened with meals. This is the story of how my head automatically switches to bird’s eye view to the ground  even when I see the shadow  of the opposite sex .as time went on discovered the magic and the slight insight into the obsession of shoes when it came to the female specie.


Most men won’t notice or even remember the shoes on a woman unless it was a detail info to an eventful event…the popular ‘’the day you had those red shoes on’’ statement cements that without a protest. There are things that both sexes tend to ignore on opposite fences with little to no attention, but the magic here is that these little tell a handbook about a person. For instance, women don’t really care about the art of shining a shoe or the time it took you to perfect that bow tie and the same goes for men with their lack of memory to even notice if you’ve been wearing the same nail polish for decades.

During the my jail  term under my sisters are i miraculously developed a certain art of identifying women with their shoes, it was fun and interesting because i found out the science behind that magic moment when cash was exchanged over the counter and the moment she acquaints her  feet to the  inner sole. Women tend to wear their shoes with a lot more than urge to purchase, but with a lot more personality, mood and preference as compared to men who have a robot like order of shoes with its own traditional rules. Women have also got the ‘shoe with the little black dress rule’’ but their art is a lot more flexible and leaves more room for expression than the grand canyon with an additional backyard.


My sisters use to say ‘’it’s easy to tell class from class in a room by just scoping out their shoes’’, and with that said I’m  usually caught looking down in the middle of ‘’nice to meet you’’.   ‘’a woman always leaves a part of whats inside outside, so if god is on your side you should be able to tell if she sung in the shower this morning just by looking at her shoes’’. With time, my appreciation grew deeper for the different elements that go into a woman’s journey with her shoes.  Women are more expressive and have a little more appreciation for detail than men do, and so anybody with an eye for detail and art would find the shoe disease of women very refreshing.


I believe in classics with a little twist , yes i might marvel at the new runway offers(inset image of lady gag in alexander mcqueen ) but the  clean and timeless pieces  always leave me staring (insert azzedine alaia).i fancy a nice pair of legs brought to an end by a well made and thought out shoe. I don’t know if it’s the effortless manner that a queen struts in her shoes or the perverted image of her wearing them at the edge of her bed, but a woman’s shoe is more than just protective cover of her feet or another beautiful work of an artisan ,and it doesn’t matter what brand or how many times she wears them, it’s the story she tells every time she walks. 


                  I don’t know who invented the high heel, but all men owe him a lot.  ~Marilyn Monroe


It is said that there is a story to every shoe the craftsman makes, it just hasn’t met the one who will tell it . To this day even with the weapons my sisters equipped me with , I still haven’t come to fathom the reward or whatever it is that has encouraged the Cinderella glass slipper moment , I have just accepted that only the woman will understand to misunderstand if a particular shoes doesn’t fit her..Everybody knows the end of that story …she will walk right out of the store with it . May God bless the woman.


x d@ily

ps: all photos were not taken by teamfreshwallstreet™



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