Cool is not taught in any certified geographic location on this earth, it is said that like Rome cool wasn’t built in a day, as a matter of fact if cool was taught it would be a long class. Your cool is what sets you apart from the rest,it doesn’t make you better than the next but most importantly hints on the best you. A lot of people think their style is cool..a few people know ..that is where it starts and ends.period

Your cool is your cool, it will pick up some love and some hate but thats the true test of your cool.most often people try and change because they carry more wight on the hate side,well it doesn’t hurt to listen to opinions but the ground of the matter is ”is that who you are”. Everybody has that little thing that sets them apart and it seems only a few people tend to embrace it..they call them the ‘cool people”. Everybody has their version of cool, most often they will tag you as being cool if it falls in line with what they classify as cool      I picked up jewels from all over and this is who i have become, not everybody understands a man who doesn’t leave any stone unturned .you wont become comfortable with yourself in one will hit the wall so many times but it just goes to carve out your cool…now its funny how the same guys who use laugh about clothes i wore dress the same now…i don’t blame people from picking up things from people, my only advise is let it be you. I never had a liking for beads but one of best friends has a fetish for them and it gradually rubbed off on me …i love them now….that was what set him apart but i happen to identify with it. People usually seem confused when i correct them about the fact that my blog is not a fashion blog but a style blog. .I APPRECIATE STYLE A LOT BECAUSE IT DIGS DEEPER THAN FASHION, STYLE ORIGINATES FROM A PERSONS CHARACTER,PLACE OF ORIGIN,INFLUENCES,PREFERENCES ETC..I MIGHT NOT STEP OUT IN EVERY OUTFIT THAT I POST OF OTHERS ON THE BLOG NOT BECAUSE I DON’T APPROVE, BUT  ITS A PURE FACT OF APPRECIATION. ITS LIKE MEETING SOMEONE NEW….I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO ROCK CERTAIN COLOR COMBOS BUT I APPRECIATE IT IF ITS SOMEONE’S STYLE..IN A WAY IT BOILS DOWN TO MY APPROVAL   BUT ITS A BIG PLAYGROUND…ITALIAN MEN WEAR THEIR MONK STRAP SHOES UNBUCKLED, SHOW MORE MAN CLEAVAGE THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD, WEAR THEIR TIES LONGER…I MIGHT NOT BE CAUGHT DOING ANY OF THESE BUT IT STILL RINGS MY STYLE BELLS…THAT IS THE POWER OF THE COOL…GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN AND YET IT FINDS LOVERS. ITS BEAUTIFUL WHEN I SEE A PICTURE OF SOMEONE MILES AWAY FROM ME WHO I IDENTIFY WITHIN TERMS OF STYLE …ITS LIKE DISCOVERING AN  UNKNOWN FAMILY MEMBER INSTANTLY… 

Your cool. Accepting someone’s style is like accepting who they are…so i more than admire it when someone puts their personality into their clothes…and it just doesn’t end there..your cool can emit through different mediums….i know everyone is familiar with that situation where you cant really put your finger on what makes you marvel about another person…thats the power of the cool in a tailored camouflage suit…

  ♣ I have come to learn that not everyone will be in awe of Your cool and like my big brother says “the lv belt doesn’t bother about the shopper who was actually looking for the primark shop”….he always reminded me that he was only concerned about those who gravitated towards his style, that was hi way of dealing with whoever didn’t identify with him ..cos as a kid i didn’t understand why he would waste money on suits  so expensive and with no evidence that they cost that much…but he always said ”the ones who know ,will know”…      keep true to your cool..its the only thing nobody can have but you. People often don’t keep an open mind because they are too busy collecting fans of their own…so when something is not in their line of cool they tend to keep  a closed mind…my style is very simple and less adventurous, i  keep to the rules and classics..i might break the rules every now and then but in a very subtle way….but i still admire the guy with the adventurous perspective of style…be who you are but don’t let that be the end..grow and stay true to the    

stay true.



4 responses to THE COOL IS….

  1. surprised

    i spot karla from karla’s closet! she is super chic; super cool!

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