Before my Friday presentation deadlines and endless call reports to submit   , entering the corporate world was more confusing than a date night pick between JESSICA ALBA and LAUREN LONDON when it came to what to wear. I learned the ropes the hard way and I’d hate for you to go thru the same, because sometimes I cringe just thinking about some of the ridiculous things I thought was cool to wear to work. Adding to not having any knowledge about formal wear, my street wear obsession made it even difficult to learn from just mere observation. I definitely made some mistakes that I can’t afford my future gentlemen to make, like I shamelessly did.

  W e are not going to get through all the jewels in one post, so I am going to break it down bit by bit . I called this post the “the great white shark” because it highlights the GREATEST one bullet kill in formal wear, the white shirt. Discovering this jewel was the turning point of my   series of formal wear fiascos. If you just started building your work shirt collection I recommend you don’t go further than snatching more than enough white shirts. From experience I know how easy it is to ignore the white shirt and rather go for the more eye flattering shirts because you obviously want to make an impression, my two cent input is that you just made the first big mistake!

The white shirt has been a staple in the gentleman’s wardrobe for centuries but yet it always seems to be over looked. The beauty of the white shirt is its ability to accommodate every element that it is paired with. If you just dived into formal wear you are probably playing Lego with everything from ties to suits…This is where the white shirt comes in with a cape to save the day

Jeanie Lanz-Bergin adores the white shirt, describing it as: “the wardrobe equivalent of a blank freshly painted wall. Like a clean, bright backdrop to accessorize with whatever takes you’re fancy.”  If you are virtually new to matching ties or pairing suits with shirts just stop and say hi to the white shirt..*insert hi to white shirt* …

The white has been a staple in the gentleman’s wardrobe from time for a particular reason, it’s a classic. Of course, men’s fashion has enjoyed an infusion of color and style variations over the past century, but the clean, fresh look of a collared white dress shirt maintains its timeless appeal. What makes the white shirt so special? …well, .when I first started buying shirts my second headache was matching them with ties, I didn’t know what o pair with patterned or striped ties. That’s the beauty of the white shirt; it forms the most beautiful back drop for any form accessory especially the neck tie.

its simple, throw anything at a white shirt and it creates a masterpiece! Especially when it comes to distinctive ties, which in my experience without proper coaching can result in a tragic style disaster.

The white shirt is for guys, what the little black dress is for  The lady . It is absolutely a style icon in itself, and it can provide the perfect backdrop for the expression of style by letting its accompanying accessories sing.

pointing out the versatile ability of the white shirt is like pointing out the sun as the bringer of light during the day . On my first tailored suit for work , i went out and bought a black suit which to me was safer to work with , but when the time came to dip in the water with more suits , i found myself struggling with choice of shirts let alone ties to match my brown and grey suits . it wasn’t long before i learned  the hard lesson..”go back to the basics”… There is always a jewel in starting with the basics. Any suit paired with a white shirt and dark colored distinctive tie has the right to be called a perfect picture…period. The white rarely conflicts with any color if its done right….if you wanna show off a suit and let it make a statement , the white shirt works the best because it tends to accentuate even smallest detail, not leaving  out its ability to add that clean look to an outfit and not take anything from it.

the white shirt has never been left out of anything ,from weddings to your friends all white party. Maybe this feat has been achieved because the most important  ability of the white shirt  has not been forsaken by the few. From time when weddings came into existence , the white shirt has been the unspoken uniform for this occasion , and the great white shark didn’t stop there…When the  popular term ”black tie affair” comes to mind it is automatically projected with a white shirt . The dolls on the wedding cakes always has the groom in a white shirt…i do not know who made this rule but its a rule has gladly been stuck by ….personally i think no other color gives a the ”suit” a more classy look than a crisp white shirt. Think about it, occasions like weddings get a lot of color play where there is always a colour theme , usually the best bet if you are gonna be in a Grey suit and purple tie would have to be …*insert drum roll*…THE WHITE SHIRT .Straying from my view, the white shirt gives off that clean ,classic look..who wouldn’t want to have that look on one of the most important days of their lives. It is said that the white shirt will go where a tie goes….the classic bow tie has known no other faithful companion than the white shirt. Some staple attires have been in the gentleman’s book for ages, and the white shirt always happens to show its face in almost every page.

i most often we tend to limit the power of the white shirt by boxing it into a particular look, but the white shirt even though highlighted here in formal wear does not only stick to that lane . The white shirt is basically your wardrobe GPRS, it can take you anywhere….the only thing that looks better than a crisp white shirt is a beautiful date and a blank cheque.

Usually people look at the great white shark as being too simple when it comes to a less formal plane . it wud surprise what a crisp white shirt can do to an outfit ….The white shirt has an  ”access card” because it has this to  ability to highlight neutral and bright colors, and still manage stay in the picture . You are likely to play with more color when you dress down…when dark colors are paired with bright colors they tend to be mute and highlight the bright colored items, the white shirt has a similar effect but with a twist to it . When you pair your colored chinos with a white shirt you will realize that even though the white shirt  highlights your chinos more than stage-light would , its not mute, its there playing both the sinner and saint . It makes a look very easy on the eye…my dad says , ”you cant go wrong with a white shirt”…..the greats stuck to it…its simple…The great white shark is here to stay..





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