I just learnt the hard way how difficult it is to describe an experience that your vocabulary wasn’t just built to describe. I honestly give up trying to describe my out of town trip every time I get asked about it. So as the movie script goes, this Easter holiday I and the crew hit up stone lodge, which is located right up the Akosombo road right out of the busy streets of the city…Thank God! Really needed some peace and some time alone with my Zune .  I must admit I didn’t know this beautiful part of my land. The landscape view blew me away so much I had to stop a couple of times just to take photos…I was going to keep this post away but every time I go through the album I can’t help but feel guilty for keeping it all to myself…

packed up like chuck norris in delta force 2…We were not planning on taking prisoners..

  N.O.R.E = Niggas.On.the.Road.Eating ……

The shutter gets engaged….JUSTICE.

   ”the james bond”…..major sponsor of the double vision

 we brought knives to a pencil fight ..the pool got raped…when the sun took a vacay we proceeded straight to night assault.

 i am definitely going back for these barbecued lamb joints…



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