Too many a time i have daydreamed one of my favorite rappers perform live, and the image of me losing myself in the daydream when the dj lets the song rip always made me repeat the song just to catch it again….i am glad to say on the 23rd of April, David Jackson aka fabolous and BAD BOY records artist red café made this daydream come to live transmission.  My journey with fabulous has been more than just my passive ability of just collecting good music, his music has already been there at some very scenes in this life of mine, its funny almost everything he drops i somehow relate to at that point in time  . When loso’s real talk album came out i stood at bus stop in freezing cold for an hour with my hands stuck in my pockets because i left my gloves at home, thanks to fabulous  he made it too easy not to take my hands out to skip a track ….that album was so cohesive and it’s still one of my favorite albums …and that was the first time i heard young  jeezy’s voice on ‘’do the damn thing’’. When i caught the news that Mr. Jackson was en route to the homeland i couldn’t keep still….finally the night caught up and i was more hyper than a crack head in a dope queue…i can sit here and conjure enough words to describe the concert but ‘’classic shutdown’’ works just fine …..i was hoping LOSO  would drop a few joints from his s.o.u.l  mix tape which just came out ( i love it!)….but he more than made up for it with empeccable picks from his catalogue. The icing on the cake came when red café took the stage..its moviiiiiiiiiiiing!..Brooklyn ‘s sons definitely had me pinching myself just to check if i wasn’t in   daydream mode.

 I had to pull out just an assault card on this one. Wanted feel really comfy so i went with the cargo camo  shorts , a  denim shirt from Kenneth cole and nanny state tassel loafers  . I just had to pull the one caramel , one maple chain swing….

 loso’s picks were amazing!..banger after banger!..hang-tight  his dj

shakedoooooooown! Red cafe went through classics like  ”hottest in the hood” ,”im ill”  ‘abd even did some new joints like ‘we get it on ”. i was kinda disappointed him and loso  didnt get to perform ”there he go” off LOso’s way the album.

loso went through a couple mix-tape freestyles which i think he should have left out considering the colorful catalog and original material he has.

 look what i found ! my girl @yass_minn always goes hard…i love this leopard print blazer! yasmin has a classy meets punk rock style that i adore…she is never too over the top but always enough to make you admire and that ability was more than perfect for this event . there were definitely a lot of people who dressed like they didnt know they were gonna show up here.

leopard print blazer by H&M

 i had to have a still of this blazer…thats my blazer girl, she always got some sick blazers on. I had to feel on them this time .

studded blazer from H&M

 i had a blast! loso and red cafe = cocolo ripped it like a condom wrapper on prom night


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