I suggest that Zara should change  the name their latest look book to  “this is how you should look’’. Honestly it would be so easy to spoil #Mrs. Fresh daily in a Zara store without blinking twice!  Every time I go through a Zara look book most often the individual pieces tend to sway me as much as they have been styled. I personally think he impeccable styling done in the look book completes the effect of the item and actually enables the customer to see the vision of the collection much clearer….and it doesn’t help getting suggestions how to work with certain items does it ?. This spring, Zara unleashed its look book and for once I wasn’t speechless…i actually couldn’t stop saying ‘’this is on point’’. I bet I said the same words more than enough times just going through the look book. I rarely go through collections and pick out more than three favorite items let alone the whole look …but this look book did it with its eye closed. Plainly, Zara came correct with its spring and summer collection with amazing attention to color and beautiful choice of neutral colored garments which I think hit a home run with the color blocking trend for spring and summer. The color combos styled in the look is most definitely inspiring, when styling is done so well it automatically sells the direction of the collection. I applaud Zara for sticking to simple , clean and striking pieces…I love the bright colored blazers , the camouflage jacket , the off white max dress…I could go on and on . Zara certainly goes the extra mile for the prices they quote on their items …if you just found your color blocking feet you can feel free to dip them in Zara’s pool.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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