So this past weekend  i got the chance to kick it with the good people of the heel the world luxury shoe company at a charity event organized by Ashesi University . The luxury shoes brand got a chance to   showcase their latest collection and also took the stage to shed some light on the brand’s journey and what it had in store for the future. The special part of the night for me was the chance to see the heel the world empowerment beads finally being launched. Knowing what it stood for, it warmed my heart to see people jumping on it . I also found out my piece is a one on one item; yep I’m the only one with that design detail…jealous? …u better  be….

these are the RED ENVY dress slippers  from the HTW envy series…i personally call them ”the traffic light”…people just stopped in their tracks just to take a look at these more than i could count .

Fred  Deegbe of HTW sporting the exclusive “Garden of eden ” as i like to call them…

 Jeffrey Manu of HTW blessed me with the preview of one of the exclusive one  item made dress slippers..yes he is the only one who has these …i hope these come out soon…

 the charity event also had a fashion show where  items on the runway were auctioned for the cause of the charity.

this was my favorite item on the runway DOM21

 the HTW empowerement beads definitely made its impact…i think people really  connected with the cause and what it stood for …i just stood there watching them go with pride

hang tight to my peoples at  HTW (Heel the World) and @sorayamonz for inviting me .

Y’all can make orders through their facebook page till their online store is up (they ship worldwide)  ;




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