EAR CANDY :QUEEN FRANK – own it (freshwallstreet approved)

I love things that seem to set themselves apart effortlessly by just being in their sole existance ,enslaved by nothing but their originality. There Nothing is like it, so reaching for elements to compare them  with seems a little close to useless. I was at lunch break  trying to forget what hunger feels like ,  little did i know i was going through my anti-hunger  campaign with a more than vigorous head bump…apart from the visual of my food, and the baseline that fell to my ear drums  like they pushed the speaker off the eighth , everything else just fell to the back until my trance was interrupted with a question, “what the hell are you  listening to”..for a second my brain’s hard drive was multi tasking to answer the question with a more friendly genre , but all i came up with was…MUSIC… what was i listening to?

#nowplaying : QUEEN FRANK ≥ OWN IT  download : http://www.4shared.com/account/audio/nGDupGV7/Queen_Frank-Own_it.html

Introducing QUEEN FRANK,  no this song isn’t going to save your life but it will keep you company till the answer comes. Before i wrote this post i wanted to open with the description of this sound but nothing came up….Queen Frank manages to fuse spoken-word with hip-hop and makes it impossible for so each influence to outshine each other . i lover voice…it does not sound like the offspring off another…it doesn’t sound like she is pushing it and that alone helps with the digestion. If you dont get where this song is going then you’d be hopeless behind a jamaican bed time story…im sorry but i connect with the sensual plane that this song cruises on …”in your mind for all time i wind my waist against your face ” ….




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