Color never dies…pointing out the essence of color   in our individual lives is like pointing out the sun. It is said that color is the first sign of life. I think it’s not too farfetched to say color seems to bring life to anything it embodies…Color is everywhere and like a song we all have a favorite. When it comes to style our choice transcends more than just the mere pigment of the fabric.

We all have different reactions towards color, which is naturally tailored by our individual walk of life. The choice of color is parallel to moods and individual preference…Weddings are always themed in bright colors because they convey a feeling of joy, and so bright colors are usually termed ‘’happy colors’’.

   A Little color always goes a long way, I love color….usually natural colors but mostly bright…Does that make sense. I love bright colors because they tend to add the right amount of tingle even with subtle participation. Embracing color in outfits is a very sticky ground…

Playing with color the wrong way will get you into all types of style flops. Most often people push too much color into their outfits especially when they coordinate with one color a little too much. 

When something is abused it always loses a level appreciation and playing with color when it comes to style is not any different. We all have some basic color don’ts and do’s which we have picked up from personal  and third party knowledge , like my mum use to say “ everything goes with red”…I think she was talking about her lipstick. Some people have just been blessed with blending colors when it comes to their style and some are still stuck on ‘’should I pair this with that?’’. You can’t be too sure but you definitely have to comfortable when it comes down to it .

Style is forever dynamic  and so don’t enslaved to anything stagnant…be open minded to judgment but always stick your inner stylist..if it makes visual sense stick to it !.  I already did a post on coordinating with different colors but I am going to go on stress MY Dirty clean secrets when it comes to playing with bright colors.

Dirty clean secret no1: less is more

Any bright colored item is already screaming for attention and therefore even a subtle play role goes a long way. Keep it to one item, it always works magic! If you gain experience with color you might graduate to more than once. With time you will find you r color BUT I ALWAYS SAY THIS TRICK NEVER GOES WRONG WHETHER PRO OR NOT. I find it very difficult to visually digest it when color is over coordinated.  This trick works very well with the little details e.g.  footwear, accessories etc .


Dirty clean secret no2: same tree different shade

This is how you look like a pro…try matching two different shades of the same color. This is how you mix up more than one bright colored item. When two items of the same color but different shades are paired they don’t look overdone or tacky.  Usually plays the deeper shade and the other a lighter shade.  This trick is more useful if you feel the need to match your accessory with a clothing item.  The thing with matching a bright color of the same shade more than one once in your outfit is difficult to do without it looking overdone.

Dirty clean secret no3: my most important trick which I call the ‘safeguard’’, is always making sure my bright colored item doesn’t clash with any other item in my ensemble. The trick is to always play it down with dark or neutral colors. After some experimenting you might be able to mismatch some bright colors and create a masterpiece. But I still stick to the safeguard most of the time…the neutral colors set a standard canvas for the bright colored item.  I PREFER SPORTING All MY BRIGHT colored footwear with dark colored ensembles.  IT makes it easy for the pieces  not to  clash and throw the image off. My fav is throwing my bright colored shirts with white pants..Definitely my favorite canvas, and they work magic against a light shade of almost any bright color.

 When I want to pair any dark loud colored item I always reach for dark touches. That is like the only time I reach for my midnight black denim pants..i keep it dark and if there is any addition I keep it neutral….


Dirty clean secret no4: I always light up the little things. Color makes a loud especially when it comes in small packages..Put a little color in unexpected places…its very refreshing. My street wear Jones taught me how to play with loud colored footwear..those lessons didn’t stray far when I started building my dress slipper collection. The trick was to keep it minimum + pair with dark or neutral items+ and make it look unexpected.  It always makes magic.

THIS spring a lot of labels have incorporated color in their collections and the streets have already has dipped its feet into it and I love it…too much inspiration to keep to my self. I hope these photos I have chosen inspire you.  PEACE!(lupefiascovoice)










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