THE KOOPLES ,Created by the Elicha brothers, a trio with an amazing sense of style, The Kooples represents their innate desire to reproduce clothes that ‘resist the passage of time and remain elegant for all of eternity’.  These distinguished dandies dapple in diversity and bring obsolete fashions back to the forefront, as in their 17th-century inspired jewelry brought to life by The Great Frog, London’s master jewelers from the seventies.  Decidedly fashionable, the collections are ultimately inspired by the brother’s musical taste, hence the penchant for British blazers, skinny jeans, brass buttons, retro Zippos, not to mention the skulls and other rock memorabilia.

. Even the name was chosen in honor of the best bands that set the stage on fire at New York’s legendary club CBGB’s.Apart from their amazing claim to fame mixture of traditional cuts and modern presence the brand’s marketing strategy has taken the industry by storm…using real couples as models for their recents ads, which I think is absolutely genius stamped!…i actually came across this brand through the pages of GQ and I was amused at the direction the brand’s  marketing was taking …the knowledge of these real life  couples who posed as models instantly evoked originality . I fell in love .

The Kooples collection offers a wide range of sharply tailored pieces in high-quality materials, with a sophisticated attention to detail. The masculine-feminine approach inspired by the street culture scene blends the chic of Paris with the cool of London to create clothes that transcend the trends to become the new basics.  So if you’re looking to update your look, take a walk through any of the numerous boutiques, that all opened on the same day, to find the most recent inventions.  Saville Row goes for the Rock-n-Roll look of the 80′s while the Parisians stay cool in dark shades and dandified vintage duds.  Mix and match until you create your own personal style that can take you through the day and into the night.



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