I constantly get emails about how my blog posts inspire and educate wardrobes, and the never ENDING  question of why i dont post enough pictures of myself . Well ive decided to put an end to that question…SAY HI TO THE WASHROOM BANDIT !

Tie : primark silk skinny tie ( got this tie for cheap and its amazing how many miles it has on it …its still one of my favorite ties and not because it comes in my fav color but its ability to put a beat in a boring ensemble, and its not too skinny so it makes a medium knot compared to other starved ties which i think wud be too dress for work ..keep the tie medium with and not too skinny, unless you have got a slender body frame or the lapels on your suit are not wide like mine  .  i love doing the white shirt combo with my bright colored ties  it because the they tend to set the stage and not compete with the tie .

POCKET SQUARE by MINA EVANS : i got this pocket square as a gift from the  designer/creative director  behind  MINA EVANS . (it has a paisley pattern which i find so sophisticated…i almost feel French with this pocket square)

tie bar by KENNETH COLE

shirt by TM LEWIN : since the skinny tie always ends up with a small knot i always pair it with a wide spread collar…it sits better and doesn’t look mispalced in the collar spread point…. often,  i noticemen sporting ties too big or small for their collar spread.. If you are fond of the skinny tie look you should opt for wide spread collar shirts. It features a large spread between the collar halves, which best supports a Windsor- or half-Windsor-knotted necktie. The half-spread collar is similar, except its spread is the widest, with a more pronounced point on the dress shirt.

Grey shark skin Suit by TOPMAN  

 x. yours D@ILY



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