Usually the word dapper is seldom associated with women, In the streets of style, dapper usually refers to the   dandy, smartly or neatly dressed guy. Women are slowly jacking this description when they walk into corporate environment these days. I have come to admire tailoring in women’s clothes now more than ever. There is something intriguing about women in neatly tailored and hemmed pants in proper fitting shirts. Yes women have been wearing shirts from time but it’s the new and bold cuts that have invaded their closets that have men like me turning heads. While some go for the bold cuts, the infusion of vintage looks with well tailored effect also sets out a lane for itself. From well tailored short cropped pants , to pussy bow shirts brings a mix feel of an  ex first lady Mrs. Reagan and current runway savvy  first lady Mrs. Michelle obama . I personally love this breed of sharp corporate looking felines ….it brings my crush to onscreen characters like Boston legal’s Shirley Schmidt to a reality near me. I’ve been showing the gentleman a lot of love so it’s time for my hear t …… MRS DAPPER.   I’M going to be doing the MRS DAPPER series from now on, I’m looking to inspire my corporate women and bring some life and inspiration…I’m not going to box it strictly to the corporate look, there is going to be a room for a casual spin on it too… I hope it serves  as inspiration to my little hearts out there…I love it when people send me mail to thank me  for inspiring looks they were reluctant  to try . I only blog to inspire that little fire that’s already burning inside  you…..Mrs. DAPPER , WELCOME.


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