Before ralph lauren came into existance, if i told you i was gonna get a man on a horse   etched on my clothes you would probably think my mind got on the wrong bus home right ? but today its different , because the brand stands for something more than just the logo of a man on the horse playing polo due to its ever present image and the exclusive lane it has created for itself without big and bold slogans to spell it out….this ability is however seldom achieved by the brands flooding the scene these days. This feat has in my view been achieved by a brand that i would normally introduce initially with its place of origin, but i will go on and say this brand originates from the unseen land of style, with no disrespect to the country that birthed the ever amazing brain behind this brand

introduce to you from the iamisigo umbrella THE CHARLATANS


The founder of this exquisiste clothing line is none other but  the amazing  22 year old, Miss Bubu Ogisi.

Established in February 2009 and starting off as a small independent company based in Ghana and Nigeria, this clothing line seeks to create a striking awareness of how African culture can be fused with western designs around the world. Many of iamISIGO’s concepts are based on the her eccentric sense of style and her unique ability to mix various trends.The first collection “Cold summer” was released in summer 2009, the second collection “proFASHIONAL” was inspired by high shoulders and vintage outfits and the third collection “hot winter” was released in October 2010

Since October 2010 iamISIGO debuted its t-shirt and polo line called the Charlatans by iamISIGO. A charlatan (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. The honest and inspiring concept behind the brand , sits a level  above  the overwhelming and blatant “in your face” style that the brand embodies.This  collection exudes   so much attitude,  and even goes beyond its brilliant concept with the different characters behind its mascots , which i think its beyond a brilliant idea to reach out to a diverse audience 

 Frankie is the cool guy everyone loves him
Freddie is the simple nice guy
Sammie is the punk rock “go getta”
Amy is the cute girl who believe she’s a princess
Dolly is a cross between a diva and a gives of an attitude
Sandy is the no holds girl she gets what she wants when she wants
The twins pierre and peter are black and white the irony because pierre is peter in english

 …i think this collection will be embraced on every level thanks to its classy and yet edgy appeal.





SHOP iamISIGO’S ..the CHARLATANS BY ordering Via email

                                                               you can enquire via twitter  : @iamISIGO

                                                                              call customer desk : +2348034087789


7 responses to SPOTLIGHT : IAMSIGO presents ”THE CHARLATANS”

  1. i second fasasha’s statement! i need me a t! this stuff is hot! love the fotos and african scenery and the clothing is beyond funky!

  2. breezie bree

    ok, my opinion of male glads has been proven to be balls, it can be done.I take it back.

  3. eccentricSHE

    damn son! this clothing line is beyond MAD, african designers need to take a queue from the charlatans…im speechless

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