EAR CANDY : XV feat cyhi da prince ,vado, erin christine _ ALL OF THIS FOR ME

XV – All For Me (f. CyHi Da Prynce, Vado & Erin Cristine) DOWNLOAD : http://www.mediafire.com/?5se231ji7csw3u6

VIZZY! yes i had to put u  guys on this!..yes this IS what has been abusing my ear drums lately ..non-stop rotation!.. i discovered XV during the holidays and it cudnt have been a better time for some new air . I honestly became more than a fan after this jewel here which features Vado and Cyhi da prince, . My attraction to xv’s art is how effortless he makes making music seem , from his choice of production to his infectious flow which has the ability to to keep you abusing the repeat button.

”I overcame obstacles like Parkour
and if I got off course its only cause my banking is off shore
now I ask for dutches they give me double like jumping rope
never been a virgin cause I was always f-cking dope”_xv

the song also features Cyhi da prince ,who happens to be one of the  newbies that i have my coin on from Kanye’s GOODMUSIC camp. Cyhi always brings the heat on wax…i love hearing cats like xv and cyhi because they dont come of like their trying too hard , and its easier to go to where their lyrics take you .

snuck my Rose out the club, what you think these bottles cheap?/
with a model, they call me baby More times than  Monique/
n-ggas say I’m outta shape, cause my pockets is obese /
I don’t care that’s your girl, all these bars in here are free
don’t make me pull my horns out like I’m flexing my obliques/_ cyhi da prince

the production on this jewel was done by OMEN…i connected with the song as soon as the beat dropped till erin christine killed the song with her additional vocals (beautiful!).

yall can thank me later !


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