Kente is THAT shit…..

I saw this image of the group Chromeo from the Montreal, Quebec and i couldn’t help but be in awe of this Kente themed bomber jacket one of the group members had on. If you didn’t know, Kente is a African material made in the Ashanti region(Ghana) and this print was specially made for their kings and queens. Over the past years, sub par prints have been made for the general public and the Kente material represents royalty. This is really dope and that leather jacket rocks….


4 responses to Kente is THAT shit…..

  1. Actually couple of corrections which if you read my blog would help with… firstly “Kente” is actually produced in the whole of Ghana with different regions having their own take on it. It is actually a form of strip weaving. In some forms it is the narrowest woven fabric in the whole world.

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