i met the designer behind the MINA EVANS line a few years back and i remember when she fresh came out of fashion she said and i qoute ” i dont want to follow, i want to be the next thing” , and i feel like she stuck the banana in the monkey’s mouth when she unveiled her collection at her label launch. My love factor about the  Mina Evans  collection is the appreciation for fabrics , even though the  african fashion scene is switching on lights only a handful of designers are found not restricted to african prints like the masses. It seems most of these designers assume that they will lose their african identity if they go the other way . I personally love the individual journey our home prints are on, from runways to red carpets they seem to be creeping up everywhere and it is not surprising that designers from the print’s location of origination deem it more deserving to put use to it , but the fabrics limiting ability is enevitable and also it’s power to destroy the stage for creativity and versatility. The mina evans collection however uses the african print the way i personally think  is the  green light for playing these prints and that is fusing them with other fabrics to show the fabric’s versatility , otherwise they stand to become a trend or phase of fashion. The pieces from the collection were very off the runway and straight to wardrobe , refreshing and in a lane of its own which to me sets this label apart easily with its  unique and fashion friendly touch especially with the women’s evening wear which  was most impressive . I hardly spot more than four favourites from a collection but this collection had the torch on me and since i got the chance to be back stage i had the chance to see these garments upfront  so i got  to admire the detail quality of the pieces  and it even made me appreciate the color coordinations even more , so i picked up a couple sneak peaks  for you guys ….Dont miss out on this collection. check out the MINA EVANS WEBSITE …shop and obsess.






  1. ijabor joy arierhi

    ur collection is sweet………….wud kill 2 hav d gowns and topshops……………..

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