Alex Folzi Mens A/W 2010

We first showcased Canadian brand Alex Folzi’s collection of briefcases here not too long ago. The brand recently launched, have finally worked hard enough to release their men’s collection for Autumn/Winter 2010. I beleive this is a campaign and there’s no word on when these will release yet. They are a new face in the fashion industry, launched this year, 2010 so this is such a great pace at which they are working. Coming out with clothing is not as easy it seems to the regular dude out there,it involves work and the twins have put in the time.

The coats look well fitted and styling ofcourse was done by fela and fola. I was happy to see how well their clothes fit. It’s all about the fit nowadays and they didn’t loose any points on that. I am looking forward to seeing more from Alex Folzi, this collection is definitely an amazing start. Please drop by their Facebook, Twitter or the site to drop suggestions, or leave feed back for the fellas,they would greatly appreciate it. Congratulations to Alex Folzi on their first collection.


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