yes! the street report is back to inspire …i get a lot of mails telling me i inspire daily oufits..i love the fact that i can do that from here…i have a couple of articles coming up for you guys that i am a little too excited about..i have got a lot going on this time of the year but dont worry i will be back to raise the bar and put y’all on again..keep your fingers crossed!..

 this color is just killing me!..it is screaming with sophistication!..i always say the colors you chose your outfits in says a lot , i personally love purple because a lot of guys usually dont play with colors a lot so its easy to stand out..colors like this one here  always add character to your outfit than the normal colors than every tom ,dick and harry is usually caught in…Can you see the leopard print preview? look harder…i love it!..i love the subtle notes in the outfit..her shoes are even neutral so the outfit takes the stage..a lot of times people mar the whole effect of outfit by matching the pop color , just leave it be..its like killing alcohol with more than enough ice cubes ….i love the shape the belt put into the outfit, i often notice the wrong belt and dress combo..throw the huge belts away!…im happy the skinny belts are back in vogue, and the tie tup just adds the touch of chic to it..

GENTLEMEN, school is in session!..hem length? check! 2. fit? check! 3.pocket square? check! ….i still find it very depressing when i see men not sporting the proper fit of clothing…i hope this inspires someone

 i always say the stylishly different ones are always guilty of jump starting trends..i dont really know whats good with this ties in pants look (above) but it is catching fire quickly..i havnt personally tried t yet but i dont think it has grown on me yet…but he pulls it off nicely..


 SEXY,sexy,sexy,sexy,…really cant come up with anything right now except the play of colors is sick..i will let you in on a secret, i learnt to play with colors by watching how women do it..thwy tend to be more adventurous than men when it comes to color…this color play is not for basics..tres sexy. #thatisall

 I love this guy’s outfit …..the chukka boots are done up so nicely..i love the color play

 so yes, the next fabric hunt in my collection is definitely camouflage….so this sold me the moment i saw her outfit …i love the camouflage pattern…its so playful and chic at the same time on a woman and more macho suave on a man..its funny how the pattern changes with character

 this outfit just reminds me of the blog’s exude cool series…this look is slowly  becoming the apple of my eye..the tailored pants just dull my senses..the way they are hemmed a little shorter just does the trick for me

 it looks like the double breasted blazer is not fitting to slow down anytime soon…FIRE!



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