Today i am very excited to share something that i have been waiting on ever so patiently . This should definitely be ear candy to my fellow gentleman who share my appreciation for exceptional feet candy.Well , today you get to witness the next purchase to grace my collection courtesy of HEEL THE WORLD footwear brand. This up and coming luxury footwear brand  is responsible for this session’s retail therapy , this offer is actually  a sneak peak into their upcoming collection which i must say i am pretty excited about. When i was let in on this feet candy which is dubbed the ” King  yellow ” , i was amazed at the detail muscle it posessed,  and even though i had knowledge of them being  specially handcrafted they still happened to blow my mind with the precision in the detail. I personally love the colorway this pair comes in, i think its safe to say it’s a walking statement and i hope the label ushers out more pop colorways. I am really confident this label has a short way to reach the top, and i am gonna be updating you guys along the way…dont worry you guys will be the first to know when the collection hits the shelves . Till then you get an early  christmas present, complete the survey below and you gain a 10% discount on your first purchase when the collection catches light



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