If I could put a sign on every clothing item I owned, THE ‘’touch and I will kill you’’ sign will most definitely belong to my vintage Prada satchel. Ever since I got it as a present from a friend, it has been one of my priced possessions and apart from it coming from a dear friend , I hold this item to my heart for a different reason.  I have an eye for vintage items that I am yet to witness its equal.The one reason that  created this vintage monster is the sentimental addiction to the  character that vintage pieces exude…character is the one element that enables people of style the pleasure to  differentiate themselves from fashion robot sheeps …Apart from character , vintage pieces posses this sentimental attraction …you can almost tell the item’s journey by just looking at it..Either from the era it’s from or the journey it had with its previous owner,  that is if it was previously owned . A lot of my style tips came from an era I wasn’t lucky enough to be part of, and a lot of style tips have been passed from these generations, and so often these tips come back into fashion with full force e.g. The boyfriend blazer, slim ties, sequined pieces etc Well you can imagine the joy when I got an email to review a website, and the fact that it was a vintage online shopping website by the name of  COALNTERRYVINTAGE.COM   got me more excited..I was itching to see what they had in store…to my disappointment they stocked only items for women but yet again I was blown away…And I just had to share it…

The Pieces they stocked definitely sets its self apart…vintage pieces actually do that with their eyes closed..I totally fell in love..The part of their stock that blew me away was the range their vintage sat in, they had early 90’s items that  gave me a tall glass of nostalgia to drink…And I loved it! To those of the  opposite sex who share my vintage disease, Christmas came early for you




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