Warm it up Fellas

If you live in the United States or anywhere that has temps dropping, we know you are out there freezing somewhere.If you live anywhere warm,thank your maker because you a re blessed and don’t have to endure these harsh cold winds. I found Mr.Bevin Elias’s blog and i bring to you his view and looks on how to stay warm and still staying fashionable at that

You can never layer up enough.The denim jacket is layered with a leather bomber jacket

Shawl cardigans are everywhere now,they are warm and definitely stylish indeed

The Pea coat never goes out of season,it’s classic and a timeless piece

Tweed,you can never go wrong.

or even layer up with a knit sweater

I never know how to put my clothes together during the winter time,as i deal with my issues on the female side i hope i was able to help some of the guys in coming up with looks to stay warm and still be that stylish guy on the corner or in the street.

PS.i love Bevin,he is one of the few stylish men i know

Pics via Bevin Elias.com


8 responses to Warm it up Fellas


    i love every look in this post! evry layering block was showcased…from tweet to chunky sweaters to classic peices..i love the dress slipper combo..

  2. I’m slightly offended by the reference to the USA ONLY in terms of where it’s cold!!! I bet i’m not the only fan of urs that’s freezin her booty off in Europe!!! racist much?! 🙂 lol
    Anywho, i love the style … but dont necessary think it all suits MR B ELias …

    • fasasha – Author

      i totally apologize for making that mistake! it’s cold in other parts of the world as well,will surely update that,racist?lmao!! not at all. It wasn’t only suits,i beleive there was a look for a chunky knit sweater,a pea coat,denim jacket and a bomber jacket.

  3. fasasha – Author

    @juls thank you and i sincerely hope you mean ma’am.i hope you know a female was responsible for this post!

  4. @fasasha, whats up with your blog, is it no longer ‘fasasha.com’? cos I thought of paying you a visit and it keeps bouncing. Update a sister.

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