i have always maintained the fact that women are the real takers of this world , and it’s no surprise that they are the culprits behind  a barefaced movement that’s   creeping up the style ladder   which happens to be  putting more than icing on my cake .  it’s obvious the impact menswear is having on women’s wear lately…i know a few  women who have been doing it for a hot minute before it started catching fire. Now the style conscious massive have affectionately dubbed it the boyfriend fashion , boyfriend is any style of women’s clothing that’s  modified from  men’s garment,  which are often more unisex or looser in appearance and fit than most women’s jackets or trousers, though still designed for the female form.

The  boyfriend fashion craze  was birthed from  borrowing and wearing your boyfriend’s clothes – his distressed jeans, his band tees, his dress shirts, his blazers, his cardigan. The trend expanded in 2009 when actress Katie Holmes was spotted in public wearing Tom Cruise’s slouchy jeans after a Broadway rehearsal . Many brands have picked up on this craze and have added a touch that is so deserving..the tailoring and creative mix is taking the new wave to a level that is so much appreciated on this side..i just cant hide my love for this trend…i love it when a look has a standout factor..and this trend is one of those that has power to attract its own…some women just have the eye for men’s clothing..and lets not forget the women who have been envying men’s clothing since they were born ..i reckon this would be a tomboys daydream if it caught on like wild fire…

 The boyfriend trend is all about wearing clothes that look a size too big for you. It is recommended to only go up one size. They are very versatile because they can be worn with a cocktail dress, a skirt and blouse, or even leggings.

 i can’t doubt the stench of envy when it comes to the ability of women to treat elements outside their zone into clay, they just mould it into whatever they want to suit them..And they do it so beautifully…You can taste the envy in my words can’t you?

 The main secret to this ability is the fact that women always bring their personal style to wherever they decide to stick their head. style is always the inventor of trends that gets abducted by fashion and gets raped by the masses….I  honestly hope this movement doesn’t die soon…it’s so refreshing …I really can’t put a word on its  visual effect …. The beauty of this movement transcends just a basic style tip…its style genius material…it is so versatile!  from casual to formal, and all you need to do is just put together  right pieces…this movement hasn’t been mastered by many even though its difficulty level  is pleasantly low so it’s a major stand out look … all the women who have an eye and fancy  menswear pieces  this your cue to mass murder the competition…put a little twist in your step…try something much as we love our clothes (men), we love it on me, when  a woman wears your clothes it has a psychological stamp of approval…Why do you think we let you lot walk around the house in our shirts? Go figure..personally there are some items that I appreciate as a man  but  love more on a woman,  especially a women in a well tailored pants with a menswear flair is beyond sexy for me…plain visual bliss..

** boyfriend shirt  : I am so in love with what women have to done to this item. Usually worn a tad size bigger than the  normal fit on a woman, this look is so versatile  and stylish…it can be done up in so many ways from casual to dressed up..the denim shirt especially has been making a lot of rounds in that circle…I personally love the way it relaxes a look…u can pair it up with anything from shorts to pants depending on your preference , and you can button it up to the T  for that sassy look or roll up your sleeve for that “ ready to take on the world look ( I love it )…I picked a couple looks to inspire you .

*style tip: the denim shirt is a go to item for that standout look..above ^ she rocks a rolled up sleeve denim shirt   with the tailored pants…picking out the right shirt to wear is also another climb..a denim shirt is an easy way to standout ….the denim wash makes it easy to work with both with light or neutral colours and dark colored pieces , especially the light wash or the worn in ones, they are my favourite because they seem to carry character…pairing denim peices with stone chino’s is a win..if you ever doubt what to wear with your denim shirt just try it..


stlye tip: the boyfriend shirt shows its versatility… pairing it with a blazer and denim shorts  is a winner. Its such a bad ass look!..and i love it because its a double edged dagger, it transforms into whatever you want depending on your preference. eg. when you pair the BF shirt+ shorts look with casual footwear lets say flats, boatshoes, dress slippers, loafers etc. in instantly transforms into a super casual look that exudes cool on a thousand ,on the other hand when you pair the look with your favourite dress shoes or those little monster shoes u cant wait to wear it totally becomes a stamped and approved sassy and classic dressed up wear…if you are the stand out type this will definitely get you that attention.



 this look exudes so much character, it sits on the bossom of style…i simply love it

 above ^ : she takes the look to another level with the popped up collar… u cant buy style

 above^ : i love this cant go wrong with floral prints..they give the shirt that feminine touch..this look is so relaxing..she looks like she is gonna pull out a christmas card lol…the buttoned up to the top look always puts that extra sassy in the pie

 above: another reason why this style is catching fire is that its easy to play hard is it to find a boyfriend shirt?…this look is so playful yet comfortably stylish…empeccable style is when it looks effortless…she pairs them with tights..i love the rockstar feel to it

The sartorial effect:  this is my love factor..when a woman’s clothing has a menswear tailoring effect…this look is a good way..and classy in so many ways ..this is my personal to die for look on a woman.especially tailored pants with a short hem length or a roll up…it works for formal workwear or a mean dress up look…

* style tip: the menswear add-ons also make a big man times do you sport women in suspenders?…the cut on the pants is plain menswear…some women actually  pick out mens clothes and style it out…there is so much beauty in can also get your pants tailored to suit whetever effect you are going for.

this look is orgasmic! a lady in a tie and tie bar? whats not to love?…this is why women ”take” so well, even though the menswear effect is evident, the feminine touch is ever so present..i always post trends and style tip but i never fail to mention the  fact that  always incorporate your style or twist to whatever you pick up..thats how you stay original .

style tip: adding a little muscle to your outfit doesnt always have to be about clothing pieces…accessories also go a long beautiful to add that touch.


BELOW : GQ Korea’s Fashion Director Jeeyong Kang always sports the most impeccable pieces, from clothes to shoes….her taste for tailored clothes inspired by menswear is inspiring…


“boyfriend jeans” is a trend that means you are wearing jeans that could be your boyfriend’s, in the sense that they are bigger and slouchier than the usual boot cuts and far more comfortable than skinny jeans. its best sported with a rolled up cuff and the perfect way to show your shoes off.


Boyfriend shorts are another go to standout piece..very casual chic..and you can be adventurous with it too..try on some sneakers or fancy dresslippers ..better  yet some boat shoes, brogues or some fancy flats…next time you hit the men section grab some shorts and spice up your wardrobe you’ll be amazed how easy going and stylish you’ll feel



dont limit yourself to these peices only ….there are other elements of menswear that you can fuse with your wardrobe to get that sexy rugged look….

the boyfriend blazer : this look is popping up everywhere…i find this look very sexy..very sexy…the rolled up sleeve look that comes with it is uber cool…if its getting nifty around your end its the  perfect time to try it with some layering ….

The boyfriend blazer look  is all about wearing clothes that look a size too big for you. It is recommended to only go up one size. They are very versatile because they can be worn with a cocktail dress, a skirt and blouse, or even leggings. my favourite casual look with the blazer is pairing it with a basic stripe or plain t shirt or a  basket ball throwback jersey..*insert shawn kemp’s jersey*…

”Fashion will always bring us together but our style will always set us apart.



  1. fasasha

    That outfit Gwen Stefani has on is priceless and this was such a refresher Allen! Luv it!

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