its not a secret, TRUSSARDI is amongst my top two favourite designer labels. I love TRUSSARDI because its not a ”mannequin” type of’s not logo raped so every love factor depends on the product and what it really brings to the table. Trussardi has not  ceased  to amaze me with their collections , especially their ability to champion trends and still remain classy in the same lane which other labels find it difficult to do . Trussardi is definitely one of the labels that never fails to take innovation and style to another level, and once again they didnt disappoint me with their preview of their  2011 collection . The animal print craze doesnt look like its slowing down anytime soon, and i am a little excited that menswear is picking up on it, especially TRUSSARDI . I  personally love where TRUSSARDI  is taking this collection. My favourite peice is the animal print belt, so subtle and yet so powerful. All the peices tend to stand with the animal print effortlessly..trussardi makes it look so easy


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