i seldom love every piece in a collection…i hate peices that scream “i am  trying real hard to impress you” and inarguably the passive ones that won’t catch a second glance…yes i’m picky bite me . Ever since i graced this earth  i have had one solid job that doesn’t  seem like slowing down anytime soon  these days and that is judging my sister’s outfits  right before every four of them step outside the door…so its like second nature to analyze a womans clothing ..first question is ”would i like to see sweetdaily in that ? ” and the second ”would i like to see my baby in that? ” ..MRS FRESHDAILY STAND UP…with that said a nod came with every peice i saw in the latest ZARA NOVEMBER 10′ COLLECTION. They touched on evEry trend stone…from shawl collar blazers ,leopard print skirts, double breasted blazers  and beautiful leather pieces….the sartorial effect in collection is beyond evident..clean , simple and stylish….




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