Nick Wooster, the resident Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services  tagged affectionately by the fashion massive as the sartorial bad-ass .  After working for John Bartlett, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Barneys, Wooster was named Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services (covering Neiman Marcus stores, Bergdorf Goodman and the Neiman Marcus online and catalog division) .

i stumbled on nick wooster somewhere mid last year and he has ben my favourite fashion icon,coach etc….What i love most about nick wooster is something i have not seen or witnessed anyone ever do, and that is his ability to fit every corner of fashion and style into his unique look…he has the traditional gentleman code of dresing and the modern take all mixed up into something so dazzling…his style..

i have  picked up a few gems from nick ever since i stumbled on him, scrutinizing every look and incorporating my own twist on it..the first  love fact factor about nick’s style is he never steps on the rules of the gentleman’s code unless his style sits above it…nick never leaves the detail untouched or not done up to the T…from his pocket square to his tie clip , right collar type with the right tie, amazing eye for proportions and fit….the beauty of it is nick does all this and still manages to move with time..making his style very unpredictable and yet refreshing

nick is one of the first people who made a knitted tie look appealing to me…nick is so modern with his style and that is what most people tend to be a slave of…they cant stick to the rules, bend it and mix it with their individual style…nick does that with his eyes closed…

another love factor about nick is the way he puts peices together..from his inspiring collection of shoes to his  impeccable choice of  items that sets him in his own lane so easily…his signature sunglasses look which makes me reek of jealousy…

to me nick wooster’s style is reminiscent of a rugged american gentleman with a skin for an european  rain …he embodies every bit of his american roots with a rugged approach and still manages to do is with so much finessese

Nick’s dedication to leave every detail unturned doesnt stop at just his clothes, his grooming game is impeccable!..he always appears properly groomed as a gentleman should be at all times…nick wooster sports the beard like none other..its inspiring.


14 responses to THE RETURN OF THE GENTLEMAN :nick wooster

  1. WOOSTER IS A BIG G! I love the shot of him in the tailored jacket, shirt and tie with the camaoflauge pants with a floral background…what an ironic contrast but it works!
    Love the orange pants
    Army pants with suit
    Patch work jacket and he has trousers aswell in a different shot-love it love it love it

  2. Jay Jay

    This man is so articulate with the way he presents himself and the tatts were a total shock… Its like gentleman crossed with rebel…
    Mr Wooster is my new inspiration.

  3. Owen

    OMG – In fact, a double OMGOMG. I neeeeeeeeeeeeed those yellow brogues. The pink trousers too. Love them!!!!!

  4. Jamo

    WTF?! I wouldn’t be seen dead in most of this stuff. Men’s 3/4 lengths died for a reason. Is this an April fool’s article? Can all the guys who like this stuff please dress exactly like that? Makes it easier to spot/avoid you.

    • FRESHD@ILY – Author

      this blog doesnt have any intention of putting your wardrobe in a corner..we are basically just highlighting the diferent planes of style . The key is to appreciate who and what everyone else is…nick wooster is fan of thom browne and his collection has shorter cuff lengths, thats him , maybe you are also wearing things nick would rather kill himself than wear. stay blessed

    • Seb

      Another man who has no respect or knowledge for such a unique, sartorialist style. Everything Nick wears is perfect! He’s the man.

  5. carlos

    He’s my style hero. He has taken the history of men’s fashion and distilled it into a modern, wearable style.

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