So i’m sure you have got that  sentimental pair of denim you just cant seem to get rid off…..it could be the one u just grew into or the one that shrunk perfectly…yeah its worn in but it even looks more beautiful…u might find yourself staring at it with your past journey in mind but still fantasising about your future..well, let me let you in on the resurresction make up..CUT IT UP!…NO NOT THE HIGH on  MUSHROOMS OR MY BOO JUST broke up with me  AND THERE AINT NUTHING TO DESTRIOY BUT My denim  KIND…calm down…

 the cut-up or distressed  denim look has been on the track for a bit and its stillcatching fire…it’s a perfect direction if you want to put a little funk in your denim…let go live life!..turn it up a notch!…i personally own these obey denim pants ive been wearing forever..its a little worn-in now and i cant wait to get my tailor to go goo-goo on it…i have a couple friends who do it themselves but im not too sure i can so i am gonna give it to my tailor let him have a go at it.


the distressed denim look is a throw back look that never seems to die somehow..it has that relaxed ”i am cooler than you” look…your denim doesnt really have to be an old one or worn-in to pull it off…you can pull one of the rack and  from scouting  almost every denim brand is sporting these cut-up denim in their respectful collections…


 distressed  or distressed  denim does not stick to one shade of denim..it works in everyway..if youve got dark skin you are not restricted but white or lighter shade of denim looks amazing that is if you are planning on showing skin

 above : the cut up denim look does not need to show skin all the time…

   if you are gonna do it yourself especially if you wanna show skin your best bet will be to cut it up around the knees or the thighs (feel free to let the images inspire your choice)…


 above: riri rocks a light color denim cut up pants with a bold crew neck sweater and dark colored feet candies #school

above: the model sports a lighter shade of denim blue that shows off her dark skin beautifully

 above : halle berry rocks her cut-up denim on the wild side

the distressd denim-look works very well with denim shorts..shorts already give off that relaxed vibe so the cut up look turns the whole look into “top down riding around the coast ” look..ice cube cool#



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